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Stephen Series Leader’s Manual

The Stephen Series Leader’s Manual is the primary resource that Stephen Leaders (the pastors and lay leaders who attend a Leader’s Training Course) use to direct their Stephen Ministry. More than a manual, it is a collection of more than 400 easily accessible documents organized into 67 color-coded file folders.

The Leader’s Manual contains step-by-step help for every facet of Stephen Ministry, detailed lesson plans and presentations to train Stephen Ministers, newsletter articles, sermons, forms, and a complete system for beginning and managing Stephen Ministry in the congregation. The user-friendly format puts all the information Stephen Leaders need right at their fingertips, making their ministry as straightforward, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.

See the outline of the Stephen Series Leader’s Manual

Additional Training Materials Included

Each Leader’s Manual also includes a copy of:

Training Presentation Excerpt

For each training presentation, the Leader’s Manual provides a detailed lesson plan, preparation aids, and scripted information—everything a Stephen Leader needs to train Stephen Ministers effectively.

Download an excerpt from module 5, “Process versus Results in Caregiving,” in section T of the Leader’s Manual (in PDF format).