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Caring Evangelism: How to Live and Share Christ’s Love

What Is Caring Evangelism?

Caring Evangelism is a natural, comfortable way to share God’s Good News. Caring Evangelism conveys respect and understanding for people, focuses on their needs, and gently communicates God’s love.

What Is the Purpose of This Course?

The purpose of the Caring Evangelism course is to equip Christians to share Christ’s love in their daily lives through words and actions that people welcome. During the course, participants:

  • examine and address the fears and misunderstandings that swirl around the subject of evangelism

  • explore the principles of Caring Evangelism and learn how to put those principles into action

  • study biblical stories and promises that speak to people’s deepest longings

  • practice and develop essential skills for sharing Christ’s love in a thoughtful, compassionate way

What People Are Saying about Caring Evangelism

Read what course participants are saying.

“This is the most thorough, sound, and compassionate evangelism curriculum I’ve seen as a pastor.”

Caring Evangelism is concrete. It’s given me very specific skills—and more confidence when it comes to talking about God’s love.”

“I now have a totally new perspective when it comes to my relationships with others. I’m listening for needs at a deeper level.”

“I’m more aware of the many opportunities I have to share the Good News—and now I can do so in caring, meaningful ways.”

“It has improved my comfort level for sharing the love of Jesus and made it much easier for me to reach out to others.”

“The course gave me a chance to practice faith-sharing skills in a safe place.”

“I have a much deeper appreciation of how the Bible speaks to the needs of people.”

Caring Evangelism gave me a way to do what I’ve always wanted to do—share the love of God heart to heart.”

Course Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Caring Evangelism distinctive?

Caring Evangelism provides a distinctive combination of insights and ideas for aspiring evangelists. It:

  • begins with evangelizing the evangelists—fostering spiritual growth and strengthening each course participant’s relationship with Christ.

  • emphasizes a balance of words and actions so that people not only tell but also show the love of God.

  • shows step by step how to build personal relationships as the foundation for caring evangelism.

  • demonstrates how to share God’s Good News in ways that are guided by others’ needs.

  • highlights the power of listening carefully to the other person—to understand what the person thinks, believes, and feels.

  • provides opportunities for participants to practice these new skills in the safety of a supportive group of like-minded people.

  • recognizes that God is the only one who can change people’s hearts.

What tangible benefits will our congregation receive from using this course?

Caring Evangelism offers many benefits to a congregation, including:

  • more people participating in personal and congregational outreach

  • renewed excitement and vitality among those involved in outreach

  • deeper involvement in spiritual formation, faith development, and discipleship

  • greater participation in Bible study, prayer, and caring ministry

  • growth—spiritual and numerical

What do participants learn during the course?

Caring Evangelism equips participants with skills and confidence to share God’s Good News through powerful resources such as:

  • The “Caring Evangelization Cycle,” which shows the steps people take on their journey to faith

  • “Ways of Talking About God’s Love,” which highlights 11 ways the Bible describes God’s love

  • “Responding to Difficult Questions,” which describes the most caring responses to the hard questions people often ask evangelists

  • “Resource of Biblical Stories and Promises,” which connects people’s most common needs and longings people experience to specific and appropriate stories and promises from the Bible

  • “How to Build a Prayer,” which demonstrates how to pray aloud with another person

For a quick overview, take a look at the course contents.

Where and when do congregations teach the sixteen-hour course?

Caring Evangelism is flexible and can be offered in a variety of settings, such as:

  • on Sunday mornings during the Christian education hour

  • with a group that regularly meets for Christian education

  • at a retreat

  • in almost any small group setting

Is this course meant primarily for an Outreach Team or Evangelism Committee?

Although Caring Evangelism is valuable for these groups, it isn’t meant specifically for them—this is a course for anyone who wants to learn how to share God’s love in a natural and caring way.

Do I need special training to teach Caring Evangelism?

No. The Leader’s Guide and Administrative Handbook provide everything a pastor, lay leader, or team of instructors needs to successfully teach this course.

What resources will I need? Why does the Complete Leader’s Package include all four items?

All four Caring Evangelism resources are included because each offers vital information for those leading the course. The Leader’s Guide and the Administrative Handbook include the materials necessary for teaching the course itself, and both Me, an Evangelist? and the “Additional Readings” in the Participant Manual provide essential background understanding for anyone leading the course.