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  • Stephen Ministry during COVID-19

    Stephen Ministry during COVID-19

    Bringing Christ’s comfort in the midst of the pandemic

    With increased needs for care everywhere, Stephen Ministry congregations are making a big difference with Christ-centered care.

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  • The Bridge Leader’s Training Course

    Live, interactive, online training for Stephen Leaders

    The Bridge Leader’s Training Course offers congregations a way to safely and effectively equip Stephen Leaders during the pandemic.

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  • Stephen Ministry 2020

    Stephen Ministry 2020

    All new training and leadership resources for extraordinary care

    Released in May 2020, this new set of Stephen Ministry resources provides congregations with a wealth of powerful tools for life-changing caring ministry.

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  • What Is a Stephen Minister?

    A person trained to provide one-to-one, Christ-centered care to hurting people

    Watch a short video in which Stephen Ministers from McLean Bible Church describe how their congregation’s Stephen Ministry brings hope and healing to hurting people.

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  • Stephen Ministry in Action

    Stephen Ministry care receivers share their stories

    Since 1975, millions of people have benefited from the one-to-one, Christ-centered care Stephen Ministers provide. Here's what some of them have said.

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  • Beginning Stephen Ministry

    Five steps to beginning Stephen Ministry

    Stephen Ministers have provided life-transforming care to millions of people. Learn more about how you can start this lay caring ministry in your church.

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  • Leader's Training Courses

    Leader’s Training Courses

    Training for pastors and laity who lead Stephen Ministry in the congregation

    Watch a video to get an inside look at these one-week equipping events—and check the schedule of upcoming Leader’s Training Courses.

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