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Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life

The Purpose of This Book

Christians sometimes wonder, “What difference can my faith make in my everyday caring and relating?” Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life provides an answer. It describes what sets Christian caregiving apart—and explains how this distinctive approach to caregiving can become a way of life for you.

Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life is an inspirational guide for Christians who want to improve the quality of the care they give to the people around them—family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, customers, and clients.

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What Readers Are Saying

Look at quotes from readers.

“For me, this book is like a practical how-to manual when it comes to Christian caring.”

“I was searching for a book to help me express my concern for others without making things worse. This book does exactly that.”

“As the mother of three teenagers, I get lots of questions coming my way. This book has made a huge difference in how I respond when they ask, ‘Mom, what do I do in this situation?’”

“I work as a nurse and this book has given me a new ‘stethoscope.’ I listen to my patients’ hearts in a whole new way.”

“We received this book as a wedding gift and read it together. I truly believe we listen much better and respond more effectively to one another.”

“The takeaway for me: I am the caregiver. God is the curegiver.

“Thanks to this book, I am a better friend.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from Stephen Ministers, who reads Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life?

While all Stephen Ministers read Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life, thousands of people who aren’t involved in Stephen Ministry read this book as well. Many read it while taking the Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life course, and others do so on their own, seeking its wisdom and insight for their personal lives.

Do people ever give this book as a gift?

Yes. We’ve heard from people who have given Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life to others on occasions such as:

  • confirmation

  • becoming a member of a congregation

  • adult baptism or public confession of faith

  • completion of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (Catholic)

  • preparation for a mission trip

  • marriage

Do people use Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life in book study groups?

Yes. People gather to discuss this book in a variety settings, including:

  • adult Christian education classes

  • academic classes (ministry, counseling, etc.)

  • study groups within the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • Christian book clubs

  • small groups that focus on Christian living

  • groups that meet regularly following a spiritual formation event—such as Via de Cristo, Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, or Tres Dias

Can Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life be used in a sermon series?

Yes. Pastors have made this book available to their entire congregation prior to a sermon series on Christian caregiving. Some pastors schedule this series during Lent, while others schedule it during the time of year they emphasize discipleship. One pastor called the sermon series based on this book “Christian Caregiving 101.”

What other books do you offer that would help me be a more effective caregiver?

People who have read Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life often read one or both of the following books: