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Books from Stephen Ministries

Stephen Ministries develops and publishes books on a variety of topics. These books can be used as caring resources for congregations, equipping tools within your Stephen Ministry or other ministry settings, or references for personal study and growth. Click any book or title to learn more about it.

A set of four short books to send to a grieving person at four crucial times during the first year after a loved one dies. Each book focuses on what the person is likely experiencing at that point in grief—offering understanding, empathy, compassion, and hope.

Cancer—Now What? is a book to give to those with cancer and their loved ones, helping them navigate the medical, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges that cancer brings. This caring, how-to resource, written in a warm, conversational style, provides helpful information, practical ideas, and hope-filled encouragement.


For anyone who has ever felt helpless in the face of another person’s suffering, Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart offers practical guidance and common-sense suggestions for how to care in ways that hurting people welcome—while avoiding the pitfalls that can add to their pain.

Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life is an insightful how-to guide for caring for and relating to others in distinctively Christian ways. Readers learn how to talk about faith, pray with others, share a Bible passage, and comfort a friend. A Leader’s Guide is also available, which can turn the book into a course or small group study.


Speaking the Truth in Love examines what true assertiveness is by focusing on the way Jesus related to others. Readers learn how to be more honest, direct, open, and natural in their relationships and to communicate with others in a confident, respectful, Christ-like fashion.

Antagonists in the Church offers essential help for dealing with antagonists—individuals who persistently cause harmful conflict—and preventing future antagonistic attacks so that the church can more effectively carry out its mission. When used with the available Study Guide, this book can become a course or small group study.


Leader Killers applies the principles from Antagonists in the Church to leadership in the business world and social sectors. It provides practical strategies to identify antagonists early, deal with them effectively, and create an anti-antagonist culture in the organization, protecting morale and productivity.

Part of Stephen Ministries’ Care Classic® series, Caring Criticism is a guide to the challenging topic of giving and receiving criticism. Offering psychological insights, Christian wisdom, and concrete strategies, author William Diehm explores how to use criticism in productive ways, as well as how to receive and respond to criticism positively.


In Joy Comes with the Morning, William Kinnaird shares with readers about his own “dark night of the soul” and reassures them of Christ’s love in the midst of life crises. This Care Classic affirms and encourages both those going through a time of darkness and those who care for them.

The Promise of Hope, a Care Classic, offers a powerful message about God’s constant presence during times of struggle. Lessons from the Bible, the insights of well-known Christian teachers such as C.S. Lewis, and author William Kinnaird’s personal stories blend together in this book of encouragement.


Other Books on Effective Caring and Relating