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Other Books on Effective Caring and Relating

Note: Several of the books listed here are part of the Stephen Ministries Care Classic® series—highly esteemed and well-loved books on Christian caring and relating that were previously out of print. Stephen Ministries has republished each as a Care Classic® for the benefit of this and future generations.

Caring for Those Who Are Hurting

Books to Read—and to Share

  • Joy Comes with the Morning, Devotional Edition—affirms and encourages those who are facing a life crisis and those who are called to care. Through 42 newly updated devotions, author William Kinnaird confesses his “dark night of the soul,” embraces readers who may be facing times of darkness themselves, and reassures them that Christ’s love is present with them in their experience. He also shows readers how they can become a source of hope and encouragement for others. A Care Classic®.

  • Cries of Faith, Songs of Hope: Prayers for the Times of Our Life—collects prayers addressing many different kinds of needs; each prayer is accompanied by a short story, a reflection, a Scripture passage, or a hymn stanza to clarify its meaning. Author John Gugel draws on his experiences of caring as a pastor and of battling Parkinson’s disease. The book includes prayers for Christians during tough times, reflecting the Biblical psalms of lament, as well as prayers giving voice to longings and uncertainties from deep within the heart.

  • Yes, Lord—charts author Dona Hoffman’s journey through cancer as she struggled with her intense desire to live and her dread over getting well only to die another day. The compassion and encouragement of her loved ones helped her to continue to seek God—“Yes, Lord” became her faithful response to the agony of pain, fear, and despair. In this deeply moving collection of poetry, journal entries, and letters, Dona’s honesty, courage, love, faith, and humor encourage both those who suffer and those who provide care. A Care Classic®.


Sharing Your Faith

  • Me, an Evangelist? Every Christian’s Guide to Caring Evangelism—presents an engaging story about a reluctant evangelist while exploring the principles and practices of sharing our faith in daily life. Author Bill McKay teaches Christians how to express God's Good News in ways that others welcome. Biblical and practical, this book shows how to joyfully, comfortably, and naturally live and share the love of Jesus with others.

    The book is also used in the Caring Evangelism course.


Relating to Inactive Members