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Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life

The Purpose of This Book

Christians sometimes wonder, “How can my faith make a difference in my everyday caring and relating?” Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life provides an answer. It takes a close look at what sets Christian caregiving apart and how this distinctive approach to caregiving can become a way of life for you.

Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life is an inspirational guide for Christians who want to improve their care for the people in their lives—family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, customers, and clients.

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What Readers Are Saying

Look at quotes from readers.

“Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life is a practical, readable, and relevant how-to book that deals with real issues. It has shown me how I can be more thoughtful, patient, and self-aware as I care for others.”

Susan Bloomfield | Dean of Admission and Outreach | Raleigh, North Carolina

“Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life moves people from the pew to extend God’s care out in the world. It’s a handbook for how to form caring Christian relationships and put ministry into action.”

Jim Guelzow | Pastor | Tampa, Florida

“This book is amazing! I’ve always thought of myself as a fix-it type, but reading this has helped me look at how I relate to people in a new light. The idea that we’re the caregivers while God is the Curegiver takes so much pressure off and helps me in many different areas of my life.”

Montique Williams | Fitness & Nutrition Coach | Roseville, California

“I’ve found Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life an important book to keep handy so I can come back to it again and again. The way it mixes the spiritual side of things with the everyday application makes it so useful. Most importantly, it encourages you to always keep God at the forefront of your caring.”

Anita Barnes | Director of Human Resources | Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

“Before I read Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life, I sometimes found it awkward to use caring tools like prayer, Scripture, and forgiveness. Now, I’m much more confident in my ability to provide care in a distinctively Christian way.”

Fung Ying Kwan | Registered Nurse | Shanghai, China

“Everybody has a burden they’re carrying, and this book gives you the tools to be the person others need when they’re in pain. It reaffirms the importance of listening without trying to give advice. Most of all, it reminds you that God is the one who heals—and helps you truly show God’s love.”

Mary Shaw | Pastor | Haskell, Arkansas

“If someone wants to know more about what it means to live out the Christian life, I recommend this book. It’s done so much to help me grow in faith.”

Mick Petersen | Realtor | Toledo, Ohio

“If you’ve ever wanted to help hurting people but didn’t know what to say, Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life is the book to read. It contains solid psychological principles and theological truths—and goes beyond theory to give concrete examples that apply those concepts in the real world.”

Andrea Larson, MD | Assisting Pastor | Silverton, Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from Stephen Ministers, who reads Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life?

In addition to Stephen Ministers, who read Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life as part of their training, many people who aren’t involved in Stephen Ministry read this book as well, seeking its wisdom and insight for their personal lives.

Do people ever give this book as a gift?

Yes. We’ve heard from people who have given Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life to others on occasions such as:

  • confirmation

  • joining a congregation

  • adult baptism or public confession of faith

  • completion of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (Catholic)

  • preparation for a mission trip

  • marriage

Do people use Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life in book study groups?

Yes. People gather to discuss this book in a variety of settings, including:

  • adult Christian education classes

  • academic classes (ministry, counseling, etc.)

  • Christian book clubs

  • small groups that focus on Christian living

  • groups that meet regularly following a spiritual formation event

Can Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life be used in a sermon series?

Yes. Pastors have made this book available to their entire congregation prior to a sermon series on Christian caregiving. Some pastors schedule this series during Lent, while others schedule it during the time of year they emphasize discipleship. One pastor called the sermon series based on this book “Christian Caregiving 101.”

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