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Care Receivers Tell Their Stories

A Stephen Minister comes alongside a hurting person and meets with that person on a weekly basis to listen, care, encourage, pray, and provide emotional and spiritual support. Men are paired with men; women with women.

Over the years, well over one-and-a-half million people have benefited from the one-to-one, Christ-centered care of a Stephen Minister. This care is entirely confidential—no one knows the identity of a care receiver except for his or her Stephen Minister and the pastor or Stephen Leader who paired the two together. The care receivers featured here stepped forward willingly to share their stories.

“It Was Such a Burden off My Shoulders”
“My Stephen Minister Is Truly a Gift”
“Getting Me Plugged into My Church”
“Refusing to Give Up on Me”
“I Can Tell Him Anything”
“Connected with God in a Way I Never Felt Before”

Printed Stories about Stephen Ministry in Action

Here are additional Stephen Ministry stories (PDF format) that you can print and share with others in your congregation.

“I Began to Feel God’s Love Again”

  • “I Began to Feel God’s Love Again”—A young woman describes how her caring relationship with her Stephen Minister allowed her to experience Jesus in a personal, tangible, life-transforming way.

  • “I’m So Grateful for Stephen Ministry!”—A man shares how he and his Stephen Minister built a high-trust relationship, apart from his regular circle of friends, so that he could move forward through a tough time in his life.

  • “On the Front Lines of Care”—The story of an Army captain who lost his foot in an explosion in Iraq, trained as a Stephen Minister, and later returned to Iraq better equipped to care for the soldiers under his command.

  • “A Steady Reminder of God’s Presence”—A woman tells how having a Stephen Minister during a family crisis gave her a spiritual anchor and the opportunity to focus on her own needs.

  • “Stephen Ministers Helping People Get Back on Track”—Stephen Ministers are frequently involved in ministering to entire communities following a disaster. This newspaper article describes how Stephen Ministers cared for people throughout Joplin, Missouri, after a tornado devastated the city.

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