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Stephen Ministry Downloadable Resources

Feel free to download and share these resources (PDF format) to build support for Stephen Ministry in your congregation or organization.

What Stephen Ministry Is

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“Stephen Ministers: The After People”

  • “Stephen Ministers: The After People”—Stephen Ministers come into a person’s life immediately after a crisis has hit and then provide care for as long after as needed. A great resource for helping people see the need, value, and purpose of Stephen Ministry in a congregation.

  • “The Story behind Stephen Ministry”—In this interview, the founder and Executive Director of Stephen Ministries St. Louis shares about the beginning of Stephen Ministry, his personal experience receiving care, and how congregations can get involved.

  • “Stephen Ministry Snapshots”—A quick look at four different Stephen Ministry congregations, showing how Stephen Ministers are helping meet people’s emotional and spiritual needs in a wide range of church settings.

  • “A Vision for Beginning Stephen Ministry in Our Congregation”—A presentation script and guidelines to help people in the congregation recognize the need for Stephen Ministry and catch a vision for the life-changing power it has in the church and the community.

Stories from Stephen Ministers

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“Real Ministry, Real Difference”

  • “The Blessings of Serving as a Stephen Minister”—For more than 600,000 Christian men and women, being a Stephen Minister has blessed them in ways they could not anticipate. Read what some Stephen Ministers have to say about serving in this ministry.

  • “Real Ministry, Real Difference”—A man shares his story of discipleship, ministry, and unexpected transformation through becoming a Stephen Minister and witnessing God at work in his caring relationships.

  • “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant”—This moving story about a Stephen Minister and his first care receiver provides a personal and powerful testimony to what Stephen Ministry is all about.

Stories from Care Receivers

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“I Began to Feel God’s Love Again”

Information for Pastors Exploring Stephen Ministry

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“Stephen Ministry: A Win-Win-Win for Pastors, Caregivers, and Care Receivers”

Articles That Demonstrate the Many Benefits of Stephen Ministry

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“Stephen Ministers Helping People Get Back on Track”

Tools to Gain a Better Understanding of Stephen Ministry

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stephen Ministry