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Stephen Ministry Downloadable Resources

Feel free to download these resources (PDF format) and share printed copies to build support for Stephen Ministry in your congregation or organization.

Awareness-Building Resources

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“Stephen Ministers: The After People”

  • “Stephen Ministers: The After People”—Stephen Ministers come into a person’s life immediately after a crisis has hit and then provide care for as long after as needed. A great resource for helping people see the need, value, and purpose of Stephen Ministry in a congregation.

  • “I Began to Feel God’s Love Again”—A young woman describes how her caring relationship with her Stephen Minister allowed her to experience Jesus in a personal, tangible, life-transforming way.

  • “Real Men, Real Ministry, Real Difference”—A man shares his story of discipleship, ministry, and unexpected transformation through becoming a Stephen Minister and witnessing God at work in his caring relationships.

  • “Stephen Ministry Snapshots”—A quick look at four different Stephen Ministry congregations, showing how Stephen Ministers are helping meet people’s emotional and spiritual needs in a wide range of church settings.

  • “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant”—A moving story about a Stephen Minister and his first care receiver, this article provides a personal and powerful testimony to what Stephen Ministry is all about.

  • “The Blessings of Serving as a Stephen Minister”—For more than 600,000 Christian men and women, being a Stephen Minister has blessed them in ways they could not anticipate. Read what Stephen Ministers have to say about serving in this ministry.

  • “A Vision for Beginning Stephen Ministry in Our Congregation”—A presentation to help people in the congregation recognize the need for Stephen Ministry and catch a vision for the life-changing power it has in the church and the community.

Information for Pastors Exploring Stephen Ministry

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“Stephen Ministry: A Win-Win-Win for Pastors, Caregivers, and Care Receivers”

Articles That Demonstrate the Many Benefits of Stephen Ministry

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“Stephen Ministers Helping People Get Back on Track”

Tools to Gain a Better Understanding of Stephen Ministry

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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Stephen Series