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Stephen Ministry Information Packet Resources

If you’d like a copy of the Stephen Ministry Information Packet, call Stephen Ministries at (314) 428-2600.

The Stephen Ministry Information Packet contains resources and ideas you can use to introduce Stephen Ministry to people in your congregation and build support for getting it started.

This packet includes—

  • a fully scripted presentation, “A Vision for Beginning Stephen Ministry in Our Congregation”

  • a USB flash drive with Stephen Ministry videos

  • copies of the “Turn Your Prayer List into a Care List” brochure, which gives a concise summary of Stephen Ministry

  • The Stephen Ministry Enrollment Booklet, which shows how to begin Stephen Ministry in your congregation

  • The Guide to Stephen Leader Training, which describes how key people in your church will be equipped to lead your Stephen Ministry

  • Other materials to help people in your church catch the vision for Stephen Ministry

This page contains downloadable resources and videos that can be used along with the material in the Stephen Ministry Information Packet.

Presentation Resources

“A Vision for Beginning Stephen Ministry in Our Congregation.” This fully scripted presentation (in PDF format) can be used for talking to large or small groups about Stephen Ministry. The presentation includes:

  • an easy-to-follow script you can adapt to your situation and audience

  • a hands-on activity to help people recognize needs for care in the church and community—along with how Stephen Ministry meets those needs

  • options for showing videos so participants can see and hear how Stephen Ministry changes lives


“Participant Outline.” People can use this handout to follow along with the presentation and take notes. Make sure to print enough copies of the outline so that all those attending will have one.

“Frequently Asked Questions about Stephen Ministry.” This resource provides answers to common questions about Stephen Ministry. You might print a copy for yourself to help answer participants’ questions.

Video Resources

The presentation “A Vision for Beginning Stephen Ministry in Our Congregation” includes several opportunities to show short videos. You can play them from the flash drive in the Stephen Ministry Information Packet or directly from this page.

Stephen Ministry Care Receiver Stories

People from all walks of life share how they experienced Christ’s life-changing love by receiving care from a Stephen Minister. These stories, each about 2–3 minutes long, show the power of Stephen Ministry in a vivid way.

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“Stephen Ministry Care Receivers Share Their Stories”
“Connected with God in a Way I Never Felt Before”
“Getting Me Plugged into My Church”
“I Can Tell Him Anything”
“It Was Such a Burden off My Shoulders”
“My Stephen Minister Is Truly a Gift”
“Refusing to Give Up on Me”

An Introduction to the Bridge Leader’s Training Course

This video gives a preview of the Bridge Leader’s Training Course, the live, interactive online training experience for becoming a Stephen Leader.

Click here to display the video.

The Stephen Minister Training Experience

In this video, a number of Stephen Ministers share how their training has blessed them and their ministry.

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Videos by Stephen Ministry Congregations

These videos, created by Stephen Ministry congregations, describe what Stephen Ministers do and how they make a difference in people’s lives.

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A Heartfelt Message from a Stephen Ministry Pastor
Stephen Ministry at First Presbyterian Church
Stephen Ministry at Grace Community Church
Stephen Ministry at McLean Bible Church
Stephen Ministry at Scottsdale Bible Church