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The Gift of Empathy

A Vision for a World Filled with Empathy

Empathy is something we all need—and it’s something we all can give.

The Gift of Empathy: Helping Others Feel Valued, Cared for, and Understood presents a fresh approach to a familiar concept, providing practical insights and real-life examples that equip readers to relate in empathetic ways that make a difference in the lives of all those they encounter.

Contents and Excerpts

  • Introduction: Snapshots of Empathy
  • 1. The Power of Empathy (Read Excerpt)
  • 2. Understanding Empathy
  • 3. The Mudhole: What Empathy Is and Isn’t
  • 4. Who Benefits from Empathy? (Read Excerpt)
  • 5. The First Action
  • 6. The Second Action
  • 7. Obstacles to Empathy
  • Interlude: Guidelines for Empathizing with Someone Close to You
  • 8. Empathy with a Spouse or Significant Other (Read Excerpt)
  • 9. Empathy with Children (Read Excerpt)
  • 10. Empathy with Parents
  • 11. Empathy with Siblings
  • 12. Empathy with Friends
  • 13. Empathy in the Workplace (Read Excerpt)
  • 14. Random Acts of Empathy
  • 15. A Surprise Form of Empathy
  • 16. The Spiritual Side of Empathy
  • 17. Focus on the Process of Empathizing—and Celebrate the Results!
  • Epilogue: A World Filled with Empathy

More about The Gift of Empathy

The Gift of Empathy takes an in-depth yet down-to-earth look at empathy, showing readers how to use it in a wide range of situations and relationships. It defines what empathy is and isn’t, offers practical insights on how to empathize, and demonstrates unique applications of empathy in various kinds of relationships.

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Share Your Empathy Experiences

In writing The Gift of Empathy, we learned from thousands of people about their history with empathy—both giving and receiving it. As we continue our research in this area, we’re interested in hearing about your experiences with empathy.

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