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Courses for Your Congregation

Stephen Ministries’ courses are based on sound theology and solid psychology, providing congregations with tools to promote spiritual growth and equip congregation members with practical skills. Click on any course or title to learn more about it.

Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life: You and Your Spiritual Gifts

Congregations want to know:

  • How can we help people at our church discover and develop their own unique spiritual gifts?

  • How can we help people fulfill their passion to use their gifts in meaningful ministry?

  • How can we move away from endlessly searching for people just to fill slots—and move toward an approach that focuses on the gifts God has given people?

People want to know:

  • What are my spiritual gifts?

  • Where does God want me to use my spiritual gifts?

  • How can I find a useful ministry that is personally rewarding?

Caring Evangelism: How to Live and Share Christ's Love

Congregations want to know:

  • How can we equip people to share their faith naturally, comfortably, and effectively with others?

  • How can we help people overcome their fears or reluctance to share their faith due to negative experiences they may have had with evangelism in the past?

  • What tools can we give people to help make sharing their faith a natural part of their caring for others?

People want to know:

  • When and how is it appropriate to share my faith?

  • How can I talk about Jesus without offending people?

  • How can I tell people about Jesus in a way that really meets their needs?

Caring for Inactive Members: How to Make God’s House a Home

Congregations want to know:

  • What is the best way to reach out to people whose participation in congregational life has dropped off or stopped entirely?

  • What can we do to connect with the people who only come to church on Christmas and Easter?

  • What can we do to reassure people who have drifted away from the church that we are truly interested in them and really do care about them?

People want to know:

  • How can I build bridges to inactive members? Where do I begin?

  • How can I talk to them without offending them or causing them to put up their defenses?

  • What can I do to show that I understand and respect people’s reasons for staying away from church? How can I stress that I care about them and miss them?

Antagonists in the Church: How to Identify and Deal with Destructive Conflict

Congregations want to know:

  • What should we do when a person persistently behaves in an angry, hurtful, or divisive way?

  • What’s the most effective way to respond when someone relates extremely negatively or disrespectfully to our pastor or other congregation leaders?

  • How can we create an environment where conflict remains respectful and constructive?

People want to know:

  • What should I say to a person at church who is always tearing certain people down?

  • What should I do if a congregation member won’t let up on me with his or her constant criticism and threats—so that I am at my wits’ end?

  • What should I do if one or more people make unending demands of the pastor?