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Caring Evangelism:
How to Live and Share Christ’s Love

The Caring Evangelism course equips people to share their faith comfortably and naturally in ways other people welcome.

Course Contents

  1. Our Prodigal God
  2. The One Most Important Thing
  3. The Failure of Our False Gods
  4. Returning Home to God
  5. A Place to Belong, a Place to Become
  6. Go and Make Disciples
  7. Putting the Care in Caring Evangelism
  8. How to Build an Evangelizing Relationship
  9. Listening: The Most Important Evangelizing Skill
  10. How to Uncover the “God-Sized” Needs of Others
  11. The Problem, the Power, the Promise
  12. Discovering Your Own Good News Story
  13. The Three Elements of an Effective Witness
  14. Prayer Empowered Evangelism
  15. Putting It All Together
  16. Everyday Evangelism