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Supervision Group Facilitator Manual

Supervision Group Facilitators are specially trained Stephen Ministers or Stephen Leaders who lead a small group of Stephen Ministers through the twice-monthly supervision process. The Supervision Group Facilitator Manual is the textbook these key individuals use during their five hours of training to become Supervision Group Facilitators. It gives them a thorough understanding of the Stephen Ministry method of Small Group Peer Supervision and equips them with small group leadership and caring skills. As a result, they’ll be well prepared to lead their Supervision Groups effectively and confidently.

After the Supervision Group Facilitators begin leading their Supervision Groups, the Supervision Group Facilitator Manual remains an important resource for them. It provides the administrative and organizational tools they will regularly use to facilitate peer supervision in their group.

Supervision Group Facilitators are pivotal to an effective Stephen Ministry; by leading Supervision Groups, they offer the support and insight Stephen Ministers need to keep growing and improving as caregivers. The material in this 236-page manual helps maintain that high quality and high motivation within their groups.

Supervision Group Facilitator Manual Contents

  • The Supervision Group Facilitator

  • Small Group Leadership Skills

  • Small Group Leadership Resources

  • Planning

  • Tools

  • Focus Question Sets

  • Evaluating

  • Reporting

  • Extra Forms

  • Completed Reports

  • Notes about Group Members