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Resources Stephen Ministers Use in Training

Stephen Ministers use the following resources, updated for 2020, as part of their training.

Stephen Minister Training Manual

The Stephen Minister Training Manual is the primary resource Stephen Ministers use during their initial training and continuing education. It contains Pre-Class Readings and outlines for each training module.

The two-volume manual combines the latest principles and practices for effective caring with timeless biblical truths that guide how we minister with Christ’s love. Filled with knowledge, wisdom, and skills, it’s a resource that Stephen Ministers will keep coming back to throughout their ministry.

Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life

By Kenneth C. Haugk

Dr. Kenneth Haugk, pastor, clinical psychologist, and founder of Stephen Ministries, blends the best of the social sciences with a distinctively Christian approach to caring and relating to others. This book (the Pre-Class Reading for modules 4 and 25) lays the foundation for the Christ-centered care that Stephen Ministers provide.

Speaking the Truth in Love: How to Be an Assertive Christian

By Ruth N. Koch and Kenneth C. Haugk

This book (the Pre-Class Reading for module 6) presents Christian assertiveness in light of what Jesus said and did. It teaches Stephen Ministers biblically based, practical skills for relating to others in honest, direct, open, and natural ways—all keys to providing quality Christian care.

When and How to Use Mental Health Resources: A Stephen Ministry Guide

By Kenneth C. Haugk and Isaac B. Akers

Stephen Ministers are lay caregivers, so it is essential for them to know the various types of care that they are and are not equipped to provide. This book (part of the Pre-Class Reading for module 11) defines those boundaries and helps Stephen Ministers know how to work with their Stephen Leaders and pastors in making a referral to a professional caregiver, should the need arise.

Stephen Minister Online Library

This online library provides a set of additional resources to support Stephen Ministers, including materials for each module of training, forms for their ongoing ministry, and more. It’s a set of tools and materials Stephen Ministers will get a lot out of not only during training but in their everyday ministry.