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Stephen Series Leader’s Manual Outline

Section L contains forms, timelines, and other tools Stephen Leaders use on a regular basis.

Section L: Tools to Help You Succeed as a Stephen Leader

  • L-1      Your Stephen Series LTC (Leader’s Training Course)
  • L-2      Your Stephen Series Leader’s Manual
  • L-3      Materials for Training Stephen Ministers
  • L-4      Covenant and Copyright
  • L-5      Ordering Stephen Ministry Resources
  • L-6      Stephen Series System Forms

Section S: Stephen Series System Management

Section S breaks Stephen Ministry into an easy step-by-step process and provides a wealth of information and ideas for each step.

  • S-1      Build a Stephen Leader Team
  • S-1A    Pastoral Support for Stephen Ministry
  • S-1B    Addressing a Leader Vacancy
  • S-2      Establish Values, Vision, System, and Plan
  • S-2A    Planning Tools
  • S-2B    Special Issues and Circumstances
  • S-3      Build Awareness and Ownership
  • S-3A    Written Resources
  • S-3B    Graphic Resources
  • S-3C    Church and Community Media Resources
  • S-4      Recruit and Select Stephen Ministers
  • S-4A    Recruiting Stephen Ministers
  • S-4B    Selecting Stephen Ministers
  • S-5      Train Stephen Ministers
  • S-5A    Using Stephen Series Training Materials
  • S-5B    Encouraging Spiritual Growth of Stephen Ministers
  • S-5C    Continuing Education
  • S-6      Commission Stephen Leaders and Stephen Ministers
  • S-7      Make Referrals to Stephen Ministers
  • S-7A    Identifying People Who Need Care
  • S-7B    Preparing People to Receive Stephen Ministry
  • S-7C    Connecting Care Receivers with Stephen Ministers
  • S-7D    Caring Situations Inappropriate for Stephen Ministers
  • S-8      Supervise Stephen Ministers
  • S-9      Affirm Stephen Leaders and Stephen Ministers
  • S-10    Evaluate and Improve Your Stephen Ministry

Section T: Presentations for Training Your Stephen Ministers

Section T contains complete lesson plans and presentations that Stephen Leaders use to train Stephen Ministers in the congregation.

  • T-1      The Person of the Caregiver
  • T-2      Feelings: Yours, Mine, and Ours
  • T-3      The Art of Listening
  • T-4      Distinctively Christian Caring
  • T-5      Process versus Results in Caregiving
  • T-6      Assertiveness: Relating Gently and Firmly
  • T-7      Maintaining Boundaries in Caregiving
  • T-8      Crisis Theory and Practice: Danger versus Opportunity
  • T-9      Confidentiality
  • T-10    Telecare: The Next Best Thing to Being There
  • T-11    Using Mental Health Professionals and Other Community Resources
  • T-12    Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief
  • T-13    Dealing with Depression: The Stephen Minister's Role
  • T-14    Helping Suicidal Persons Get the Help They Need
  • T-15    Bringing the Caring Relationship to a Close
  • T-16    Supervision: A Key to Quality Christian Care
  • T-17    How to Make a First Caring Visit
  • T-18    Follow Me
  • T-19    Ministry to the Dying and Their Family and Friends
  • T-20    Caring for People before, during, and after Hospitalization
  • T-21    Ministering to Those Experiencing Losses Related to Aging
  • T-22    Ministering to Persons Needing Long-Term Care
  • T-23    Ministering to Those Experiencing Divorce
  • T-24    Crises of Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • T-25    Providing Spiritual Care

Section R: Ongoing Relationship with Stephen Ministries St. Louis

Section R contains important information about tapping into the ongoing support of Stephen Ministries St. Louis.

  • R-1     About Stephen Ministries St. Louis
  • R-2     Stephen Leader Resources
  • R-3     Ongoing Support from Stephen Ministries St. Louis
  • R-4     Networking with Other Stephen Ministry Congregations
  • R-5     Spreading the Word about the Stephen Series
  • R-6     Other Resources from Stephen Ministries St. Louis