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Finding Hope and Healing

 Journeying through Grief—Book 3

Book 3 is designed to be sent six months after the death of a loved one—right around the time when the person is wondering, “Why don't I feel better yet? Is it normal to still feel sad? Doesn't anybody understand how I feel?”

Contents of Book 3

  • A Note to You
  • Chapter 1:How Long Does Grief Last?
  • Chapter 2:Share—Don't Compare
  • Chapter 3:Talking Is Healing
  • Chapter 4:Healing People
  • Chapter 5:Dealing with Anger
  • Chapter 6:Letting Go of Guilt
  • Chapter 7:Coping with Loneliness
  • Chapter 8:Sudden Upsurges of Grief
  • Chapter 9:Mentioning Your Loved One's Name
  • Chapter 10:Knowing When
  • Chapter 11:What about Prayer?