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What Readers Are Saying about
 Journeying through Grief

“I thanked my pastor three or four times after receiving each book. They helped me understand what I was going through. It’s so nice to know that my congregation cares!”

Phil | Michigan

“Each book came at just the right time and said just the right things. They reassured me that God was present even when I felt lost.”

Kathryn | South Dakota

“The books are short and easy to read, and they’ve helped me see that what I’m thinking and feeling is normal during grief.”

Jerry | South Carolina

“I slept through the night for the first time after reading the first book. It was such a comfort!”

Kate | Washington

“I keep each book close at hand and find myself reading certain chapters again and again. They confirm what I’m experiencing and help me know that I can make it through these dark times.”

Sal | Connecticut

“After losing my husband, I couldn’t focus on reading anything long. These books are the perfect size—not a single word is wasted. They’re absolutely the best books on grief I’ve ever seen.”

Linda | Ohio

“Sending me these four books was one of the most thoughtful and helpful things anyone did for me during that year after my brother died.”

Carl | Colorado

“I’m not really a reader, but whenever I receive one of these books, I always set aside quiet time to read and reflect. They give me the inspiration and comfort I need.”

Cynthia | Virginia

Journeying through Grief spoke to my heart and showered me with comfort. Someone understood my pain and really did care!”

Grace | Massachusetts

“My pastor sent me the Journeying through Grief books after my wife died. I found these books so helpful that I’ve sent sets to many other grieving people.”

Daryl | Texas

Read a letter from a woman who regularly sends Journeying through Grief on behalf of her congregation’s Stephen Ministry.