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 Journeying through Grief Giver’s Guide

Purpose of the Giver’s Guide

The Giver’s Guide provides ideas for using the Journeying through Grief books, as well as sample letters you can easily personalize to send with each of the four books. It will help you set up a simple system so you’ll know when to send each book—whether you’re sending them to a few people on your own or to many people each year through your congregation group or other organization.

What People Are Saying about the Giver’s Guide

“We’ve been sending Journeying through Grief for over five years. Over that time, the Giver’s Guide has helped us manage the process of sending them in a timely way.”

Judy | Parish Nurse | Sioux Falls, SD

“A woman who had received Journeying through Grief now prepares the books and letters each month for others who are grieving. The Giver’s Guide gave her the idea of using a ‘recipe box’ system to keep track of everything.”

Adam | Rochester, MN

“One Journeying through Grief recipient told us she cried when she read the letters that came with the books. She said, ‘The words of each letter were just so appropriate.’”

Tammy | West Bend, WI

Four Sample Letters

When you use Journeying through Grief to minister to a grieving person—whether you give the books in person or send them by mail—a great way to show how much you care is to enclose a letter with each book. People have told us that they truly appreciated receiving letters along with the four books; they’ve said that personal touch from the heart made the gift of the books even more special.

The Giver’s Guide provides four sample letters that you can use as is or adapt to your unique style and the recipient’s needs. Each letter gives you an opportunity to personalize your gift and caringly invite the person to read the book.