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Experiencing Grief

 Journeying through Grief—Book 2

Book 2 is designed to be sent three months after the death of a loved one—right around the time when many others begin telling the grieving person to “cheer up” and “get over it,” because they mistakenly think grief should only last a few months.

Contents of Book 2

  • A Note to You
  • Chapter 1:When the Loss Sinks In
  • Chapter 2:You Cannot Not Grieve
  • Chapter 3:Accepting Your Grief
  • Chapter 4:Grief Affects Your Entire Self
  • Chapter 5:The Many Feelings of Grief
  • Chapter 6:Let Your Feelings Flow
  • Chapter 7:A Good Cry
  • Chapter 8:The Year of the Firsts
  • Chapter 9:The Holiday Firsts
  • Chapter 10:Secondary Losses
  • Chapter 11:What Other People Say or Do
  • Chapter 12:Real Christians Really Can Grieve