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A Time to Grieve

 Journeying through Grief—Book 1

Book 1 is designed to be sent three weeks after the death of a loved one, so it arrives just before the one-month anniversary of the loss—right around the time when the casserole dishes have been returned, the phone calls and visits have tapered off, and the painful reality of the loss is beginning to set in.

Contents of Book 1

  • A Note to You
  • Chapter 1:The Three Ns of Grief
  • Chapter 2:The Shock of the Loss
  • Chapter 3:“Am I Going Crazy?”
  • Chapter 4:The Pressure to Be Strong
  • Chapter 5:Your Own Grief
  • Chapter 6:What Affects Your Grief
  • Chapter 7:Take Care of Yourself
  • Chapter 8:The Fog of Grief
  • Chapter 9:You Did the Best You Could
  • Chapter 10:Myths about Grief
  • Chapter 11:Find Coping Methods That Are Right for You
  • Chapter 12:If God Seems Far Away