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What Do People Do at Stephen Ministries?

The lobby mural at the Stephen Ministries Center displays our mission: Ephesians 4:12-13.

Stephen Ministries’ mission is to equip and empower Christians throughout the world to do the work of ministry. To support this mission, our staff members take on a number of the important opportunities and responsibilities.

  • Write and Edit—creating and editing content for books, training materials, presentations, brochures, mailings, webpages, social media, and in-house publications.

  • Teach—presenting at workshops and training courses across the United States. This is not a full-time role—people who teach with us are also involved in activities such as writing and editing, operations, and customer service.

  • Conduct Market Research—conducting interviews, focus groups, and surveys to research content for new courses, books, videos, and programs.

  • Serve Customers—providing knowledgeable, caring service over the phone and at training courses, assisting customers with orders and answering questions.

  • Facilitate Organizational Operations—including shipping customer orders; managing print production, purchasing, and inventory in St. Louis; and managing and conducting workshops, training courses, and other events throughout the United States.

  • Design and Produce Printed Materials, Webpages, and Video—creating eye-catching video, brochures, book covers, pamphlets, booklets, clothing and other promotional items, online content, webpages, and downloadable materials.

  • Support Fellow Team Members—keeping Stephen Ministries running smoothly through information technology, accounting, and administrative support.

  • Lead Teammates and Help them Grow—supporting, managing, supervising, and training fellow staff members while guiding and directing the growth of the organization as a whole.

People at Stephen Ministries enjoy performing a variety of responsibilities. If you want to expand your knowledge and skills while doing work that really matters, Stephen Ministries may be just the place for you. You won’t get lost in the crowd—early on, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow, achieve, and do meaningful work. It’s a workplace where bright, flexible, highly motivated people thrive.

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