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Welcome to the Stephen Leader Pages

Stephen Leaders are the pastors, other church staff, and lay leaders who complete a Stephen Series Leader’s Training Course, equipping them to serve in a leadership role within their Stephen Ministry.

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Here is some of what you’ll find.

  • Download Central—Forms, logos, awareness-building resources (such as brochures and bulletin announcements), skits, and more.

  • Stephen Minister Recruitment—Resources and ideas for recruiting Stephen Ministers.

  • Continuing Education—Resources and ideas for your Stephen Ministry continuing education.

  • Stephen Leader Recruitment—Build and strengthen your Stephen Leader Team.

  • Leader’s Training Course Information—Keep your Stephen Ministry strong by training additional Stephen Leaders. Find out about upcoming LTCs.

  • Long-Distance Referrals—Learn what to do if a member of your congregation has a friend or relative across the country who needs a Stephen Minister.

  • Enroll Your New Congregation—Have you moved and joined a new congregation? Learn the steps you can take to enroll your new congregation in the Stephen Series so that more people can experience Stephen Ministry.

  • Shape the Future—Resources, ideas, and information for letting others know about Stephen Ministry and helping ensure it continues to touch people’s lives into the future.

  • Stephen Ministry Care Receiver Stories—Share these stories with others in your congregation to help them see the need for care and the power of Stephen Ministry.