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Stephen Ministry Training Video Collection

An integral part of Stephen Minister training, the Stephen Ministry Training Video Collection is a set of four videos that reinforce and augment what trainees learn through reading, presentation, skill practice, and discussion. These videos allow Stephen Leaders to provide accurate, thorough information on the important topics of supervision and mental health, demonstrate key skills, and provide an added dimension to the training.

This collection includes the following videos, all new as of 2020.

  • Navigating Mental Health Issues in Stephen Ministry builds on the content of the book When and How to Use Mental Health Resources and what Stephen Ministers learn during the in-class session, covering key material such as how Stephen Ministry skills apply in the area of mental health, boundaries, how Stephen Ministry fits into a broader continuum of care, and addressing the mental health stigma. Shown during module 11, “Using Mental Health Professionals and Other Community Resources.” (38 minutes)

  • Stephen Ministry Supervision in Action features a Supervision Group practicing the proven Stephen Ministry model for Small Group Peer Supervision. Seeing this demonstration of supervision in action helps Stephen Ministers quickly grasp the process before they try out supervision skills in class so they can participate most effectively in supervision. Shown in the first part of module 16, “Supervision: A Key to Quality Christian Care.” (33 minutes)

  • A Closer Look at Stephen Ministry Supervision Skills uses segments of the video Stephen Ministry Supervision in Action to focus on key skills used in supervision. This makes it easy for Stephen Leaders to identify and illustrate these skills and for Stephen Minister trainees to observe and practice them. A Closer Look at Stephen Ministry Supervision Skills is used in training both Stephen Ministers and Supervision Group Facilitators

  • Go—God Is with You! is shown during the training session just prior to commissioning. Together with a wide group of trained Stephen Ministers, Stephen Ministries St. Louis founder and Executive Director Dr. Kenneth Haugk brings the training to a meaningful close and inspires trainees to go forth, leaving them with the powerful message that God is with them in their ministry of care. Shown during module 18, “Go—God Is with You!” (12 minutes)