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Resources to Find Care Receivers Struggling with Pandemic Fatigue

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, more and more people are likely to be struggling with pandemic fatigue—the mental and emotional exhaustion that comes with the ongoing disruptions, stresses, and challenges they’re facing.

In the midst of those challenges, your Stephen Ministry can make a real difference, offering people ongoing, confidential care and support to help them through pandemic fatigue.

Three Simple Steps

In order to best connect with these potential care receivers, you’ll want to do three things:

  1. Communicate widely and clearly about what pandemic fatigue is so people recognize when they or someone they know may be affected by it.
  2. Share about how Stephen Ministers can help those facing pandemic fatigue, including the specific benefits of having a Stephen Minister right now.
  3. Let people know how to contact your Stephen Ministry.

People may not realize when they’re experiencing pandemic fatigue, or they may not think of it as a situation where a Stephen Minister would provide care. These three simple steps can help you address those issues.

In addition, as you identify individuals dealing with pandemic fatigue or hear about them from your pastor or other lookouts in your congregation or community, you can use these steps as you connect with them personally and then assertively offer them a Stephen Minister.

Downloadable Resources

Here are downloadable resources to help your Stephen Ministry find and support care receivers experiencing pandemic fatigue. Feel free to use these resources as they are or adapt them to best meet your congregation’s needs.

Pandemic Fatigue Print Announcement

This brief description can be used in a newsletter, worship bulletin, webpage, or letter or email to all congregation members.

Copy/Paste Pandemic Fatigue Print Announcement

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Are You Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue?

Are you feeling exhausted from all the disruptions to life brought on by the pandemic? Are you or someone you know struggling with challenges like . . .

  • Isolation and loneliness;

  • Anxiety over health;

  • Grief due to many different kinds of losses;

  • Tension from juggling work, childcare, and schooling;

  • Financial strain or job loss;

  • Uncertainty about the future; or

  • Other unexpected life challenges?

If so, you don’t have to face it alone. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support.

A Stephen Minister will meet with you privately—by phone, by video chat, or, if safely possible, in person—to offer care and support. It’s free and completely confidential. For more information, call [contact name and phone number].

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” —Matthew 11:28

Pandemic Fatigue Spoken Announcement

Pastors, Stephen Leaders, and others can deliver this announcement live or on video during worship.

Copy/Paste Pandemic Fatigue Spoken Announcement

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Are You Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue?

A pastor, Stephen Leader, or church staff member can deliver the following script as an announcement during worship.

Are you experiencing pandemic fatigue—that feeling of being mentally and emotionally exhausted by everything that’s going on right now? We’re all facing different kinds of life challenges during this time—

  • Isolation and loneliness;

  • Anxiety over health;

  • Grief;

  • Juggling work, childcare, and schooling responsibilities;

  • Financial strain or job loss;

  • Uncertainty about the future . . .

The list goes on. It’s no wonder we might be hit by pandemic fatigue—I know I have.

But you don’t have to go through it alone. If you or someone you care about is experiencing difficulties like these, our Stephen Ministers are ready to listen, care, encourage, and be there to offer support.

A Stephen Minister will meet with you privately—by phone, by video chat, or possibly in person when it’s safe to do so—to focus on you and your needs. It’s free and completely confidential, and it offers real care, comfort, and hope.

You can find out more by calling [name and number of contact person].

If possible, show phone number and name of contact person on screen.

Pandemic Fatigue Prayers

Prayers for pastors, Stephen Leaders, and others to use during the pandemic.

Copy/Paste Pandemic Fatigue Prayers

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Prayer for Stephen Leaders

Lord, as members of our Stephen Leader Team seek to match with our Stephen Ministers those who suffer and are fatigued because of the pandemic, let your presence be with them. Guide them as they work to connect us in a disconnected time so that those in need may know your love. Bless and encourage them as they walk alongside your children in times of uncertainty. Thank you for the gifts of leadership you have given each of them, and for their willingness to use those gifts to shine your light into the world. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer When Recruiting Stephen Ministers

Holy Spirit, you enliven our faith to loving action and service. During this pandemic, when so many are in need of care, we look for servants to recruit as Stephen Ministers. Lift up those whom you have blessed with the gifts for caring ministry. Use them to bring your loving presence to people who are lonely, anxious, sick, grieving, and overburdened. Let them shine the light of Jesus amid trouble and fatigue so that people will be cared for and your glory may be revealed. We pray in your name. Amen.

Prayer for Stephen Ministers during Supervision Meeting

O Lord Jesus, you sent out your disciples in your stead to minister to a people who were lost and broken. Bless and empower these men and women as they bring your love and care to people who are hurting and fatigued in the midst of this pandemic. Strengthen them as they minister to your children, and grant them care and encouragement as they face their own struggles during this trying time. Let your light shine in them and through them. In your holy name we pray. Amen.

Prayer for People Suffering from Pandemic Fatigue

Gracious Comforter, you come into the midst of our pain and lovingly dwell with us. During this pandemic, we ask that you strengthen and comfort those who are lonely, grieving, anxious, and overburdened. Provide for them with the caring ministry of your servants who can walk alongside them in their struggles, and grant them recognition and courage to seek help from their brothers and sisters in Christ so they may face the trials of this time together. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for Ongoing Stephen Ministry

Holy God, may your loving will be done in the midst of our trials brought on by the pandemic. Bless and sustain our Stephen Ministry program so that your people may receive the care of your presence as they struggle with the concerns of these difficult times. Bless the health and wellbeing of our Stephen Ministers giving care to those in need, and guide our Stephen Leaders keeping watchful eyes for your sheep who need tending. Use this ministry to bind us together as one body as we continue walking in faith toward you. In the name of your Son we pray. Amen.

Pandemic Fatigue Graphic

You can show this graphic during worship or post it on social media. You can customize the PowerPoint file or use the JPG image as is. Keep in mind that if you use the JPG image on social media, you’ll want to include contact information in the text of the post.

PowerPoint Slide

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