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What Participants Are Saying about the Leader’s Training Course

“As a pastor, I felt very affirmed at the LTC. Not only did I learn about the key role I play in the success of our Stephen Ministry, but I also saw how Stephen Ministry supports, enhances, and complements everything I do.”

Rev. Valarie Englert | First United Methodist Church | Rockwall, Texas

“The LTC is the best training conference I’ve ever attended. The excellent presentations, practical training, and uplifting atmosphere have prepared me to lead a powerful ministry that will touch lives for years to come.”

Rev. Rick Line | First Baptist Church | Menlo Park, California

“As a church just beginning Stephen Ministry, we found this training invaluable. We’re walking away with everything we need to get this ministry off to a great start. Stephen Ministry has been tried-and-true ministry for decades, so we’re confident that we can do it!”

Terri Politi | Spring Creek United Methodist Church | Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

“At the end of each session, I found myself saying, ‘Now that alone made this LTC worthwhile.”

Rev. Adam Wiegand | Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church | Saratoga Springs, New York

“Everywhere I looked I could see Jesus—in every person, every session, every detail. It deepened my understanding of God’s love and affirmed my call to this ministry.”

Kathy Simpson | First United Methodist Church | Marietta, Georgia

“As a mental health professional, I have attended many conferences, seminars, and continuing education workshops over the past 30 years. This is by far the most professional, informative, and personally satisfying event I have attended.”

Peter Kuilema | Grace Presbyterian Church | Temecula, California