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About the Research for Cancer—Now What?

Front Row: Lori Kem, Kimberly Hoffer, Kenneth Haugk, David Paap, Janine Ushe, Kevin Scott
Back Row: Robert Musser, Pam Montgomery, Joel Bretscher, Emily Noonan, Amity Haugk, Justin Schlueter, Rachel Remington
Not pictured: Scott Perry, Jeanette Rudder, Gary Voss

A Book Based on Extensive Research

Cancer—Now What? is based on much more than just Dr. Kenneth Haugk’s personal experience; it also draws on extensive research. He led a 16-person research team at Stephen Ministries that dedicated more than 35,000 person-hours to the project over the course of five years.

In developing the book, this research team worked with 2,741 cancer survivors and loved ones of those diagnosed with cancer, as well as 820 medical professionals in oncology and other fields. The words, experiences, and expertise of these research participants contributed greatly to the depth and authenticity of the book.

What the Research Included

  • Conducting 173 focus groups, where people shared their experiences with cancer and the wisdom and practical insights they gained, along with their thoughts about specific topics in the book

  • Interviewing 1,037 people in person and over the phone, gathering in-depth information and responses to the book’s content

  • Sharing portions of the book with 2,125 people to get their comments and suggestions

  • Having 836 people—including 25 oncologists and 106 other physicians—read the entire manuscript from beginning to end and share their thoughts and impressions

  • Collecting responses to thousands of written surveys focusing on people’s thoughts about key material

  • Studying, discussing, and incorporating comments and suggestions from research participants in order to make the book as useful, encouraging, understandable, and effective as possible

The result of all this research is a book that’s true to people’s actual experiences with cancer—providing timeless information, practical ideas, and genuine hope.