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Resources for Your Stephen Ministry during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the needs for care due to COVID-19 growing—grief, illness, job loss, pandemic fatigue, and more—your Stephen Ministry is in a position to make a significant difference by providing much-needed care throughout your congregation and community. Even when it isn’t possible to meet in person, Stephen Ministry congregations are adapting and continuing to provide quality care.

Below are a variety of resources to keep your Stephen Ministry going strong during the pandemic. If you have any questions or would like to talk to a member of our Consultation Team, give us a call at (314) 428-2600.

Training Stephen Ministers

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In order to expand their caring capacity for the needs of the present and the future, many Stephen Ministry congregations are training new classes of Stephen Ministers during the pandemic, using videoconferencing until it’s safe to return to in-person training.

Check out this resource for ideas on how to make Stephen Minister training by videoconferencing as effective as possible.

Finding Care Receivers Dealing with Pandemic Fatigue

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As more and more people struggle with pandemic fatigue—mental and emotional exhaustion resulting from the challenges they face—your Stephen Ministry can make a real difference by reaching out and connecting them with a Stephen Minister.

We’ve developed multiple downloadable resources to help you find care receivers and offer them the support they need.

Conducting Supervision

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Effective supervision helps ensure that your Stephen Ministers receive the support, guidance, and accountability they need to provide the best care possible for their care receivers.

Whether you are conducting individual supervision by phone or group supervision by videoconferencing, the guidelines and suggestions here will help you in providing effective supervision until your Supervision Groups can meet again in person.

Training New Stephen Leaders

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A crucial step in keeping your Stephen Ministry going strong is to add new Stephen Leaders to your team to help oversee your ministry. Right now, you can do that through the Bridge Leader’s Training Course: an interactive online training experience that fully equips lay leaders, church staff, and pastors as Stephen Leaders.

Tips for Stephen Ministers in Their Caring Relationships

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Stephen Ministers are very well equipped to meet the many needs for care resulting from COVID-19. When it isn’t possible to meet with a care receiver in person, some adaptation makes it possible to continue weekly caring conversations and still provide a very high level of care.

This resource provides eight suggestions for how Stephen Ministers can best support their care receivers when it’s necessary to care from a distance.

The new module 10 from the updated Stephen Ministry training materials, “Caring between Visits: Caregiving and Communications Technology,” can be used as continuing education to further equip your already-trained Stephen Ministers in this area.

Making Care Calls for Your Congregation

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One way congregations are maintaining connections with their members while not meeting in person is by periodically calling members to check in, offer support and care, and pray with and for them. With their training in caring and listening, Stephen Ministers are a great fit for these calls—and it’s an excellent way to find potential care receivers.

See this resource for eight steps for using Stephen Ministers to provide this kind of support for members of your congregation.


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In addition to these resources, we’ve put together a number of devotions to lift up and encourage your entire Stephen Ministry team. Feel free to share these with your Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders.