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Sample Letter to Accompany Book 2—Experiencing Grief

(Sent three months after the loss)

Letter for those grieving during the COVID-19 crisis


Dear [Recipient’s name],

A few weeks after [deceased’s name or the recipient’s relationship with the deceased] passed away, I sent you the first Journeying through Grief book. I hope you found it helpful.

After just a few months, it can seem as if everyone else has moved on—but to you, your loss may still feel fresh. With all that’s going on in the world, there’s a lot taking over everyone’s attention, and it may seem like your loss and your grief have been overshadowed. But your grief is still real, still important, and I want you to know your loss hasn’t been forgotten.

Enclosed is Experiencing Grief. Similar to the first book, it describes many of the feelings and issues that can surface around this time after a loss. People often find it reassuring to discover that they’re experiencing what many others have gone through in their grief. My hope is that this book will be helpful for you as well. Even in these unusual times, the insights and comforts it offers hold true.

[Possibly add some personalized thoughts or information.]

May God surround you with love and care.

[Or any closing you like to use.]