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Sample Letter to Accompany Book 1—A Time to Grieve

(Sent three weeks after the loss)

Letter for those grieving during the COVID-19 crisis


Dear [Recipient’s name],

It’s been a few weeks since [deceased’s name or the recipient’s relationship with the deceased] passed away. I want to say how sorry I am about your loss.

Grief is painful at any time, but it can be even harder in the midst of everything going on right now. When it’s difficult to come together with loved ones to remember [deceased], and when friends may not be able to safely visit to offer their care and sympathy in person, it can sometimes feel like you’re facing the loss alone.

That’s why I wanted to reach out to you. The enclosed book, A Time to Grieve, is the first of the four Journeying through Grief books I’ll be sending to you over the coming year. Each book describes the issues and feelings people tend to encounter at various points during the first year after a loss.

[If it is true for you, you could say something like this:] I received these books when I lost my [relationship with your lost loved one], and I found a lot of comfort and wisdom in them. My hope is that they’ll make a difference for you too.

Something I like about this first book, as well as the three that will follow, is the warm, friendly way it’s written. It’s the kind of book you can read a little bit at a time or all in one sitting—whatever works best for you.

One point the book makes is about the “three Ns of grief,” saying that grief is normal, natural, and necessary. That’s every bit as true now as it would be in any other situation. Whatever else may be happening in the world, it’s important that you have the chance to grieve your loss.

I hope you’ll find the words and ideas in this book reassuring in the days and weeks to come. You might even refer back to it from time to time, since some of the ideas may be even more helpful or relevant to you later on.

[Possibly add some personalized thoughts or information.]

May God bring you comfort and peace in this challenging time.

[Or any closing you like to use.]