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Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life

The Leader’s Guide turns Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life into a course to help people care and relate more effectively.

Course and Book Contents

  1. It’s Not Easy
  2. God as the Curegiver
  3. God, You, and Me
  4. Why Care?
  5. Family Ties
  6. Move Over, Freud!
  7. Touching Spiritual Depths
  8. Ministering to the Whole Person
  9. Servanthood vs. Servitude
  10. A Surprise Gift: Forgiveness
  11. Confession and Absolution over the Back Fence
  12. Tools of Your Trade: Their Use and Abuse
  13. Prayer
  14. The Bible
  15. Sharing a Blessing
  16. A Cup of Cold Water
  17. The Evangelism-Caring Connection
  18. Celebrating Results
  19. Hope-Full Caregiving
  20. The Thrill of It All