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Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life

The Leader’s Guide turns Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life into a course to help people care and relate more effectively.

The Purpose of This Course

The best-selling book Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life teaches people how to care for someone in a distinctively Christian way. It’s a valuable resource for those who want to grow in their ability to reach out to others with Christ-like compassion.

Course participants learn how to:

  • listen carefully to another person

  • speak words of comfort, encouragement, forgiveness, and hope

  • pray with another person

  • share from the Bible naturally and comfortably during a caring conversation

What People Are Saying about This Course

Read what pastors and lay leaders are saying.

“I had been looking for a resource that would help people understand their faith as a living force that shapes their everyday lives. This course does that and more!”

“There were many ‘aha’ moments in the class as people saw Christian caregiving in a whole new light.”

“Since we began offering this course, there’s been a new atmosphere in our congregation. There’s more warmth and more smiles.”

“This course has ignited a new spirit of community and cooperation in our congregation.”

“I never had so much fun teaching a class.”

“We now offer this class to all new members. Not only does it help them grow in their life of faith, but it’s a great way to get to know others.”

Read what course participants are saying.

“Because of Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life, I feel much more confident about caring for others in a way that reflects who I am as a Christian.”

“I grew tremendously going through this course. I am much more sensitive and responsive to those in need.”

“I am amazed that I’m no longer nervous about praying with others.”

“Biblical stories and passages about caregiving are now more important to me.”

“My relationship with God has grown deeper through this course.”

“I’m moving caregiving to the front line of my life!”

Course Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What will this course teach people to do?

For a quick overview of what the course teaches, take a look at the course contents.

What types of churches use this course?

Pastors and lay leaders from more than 75 denominations have conducted this course, in churches ranging in size from fewer than 50 members to more than 10,000.

What resources will I need?

Course instructors use both Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life and the Leader’s Guide.

Course participants only need Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life.

How long does this course take?

The Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life course is divided into twenty lessons, one for each chapter in the book, with discussion questions, learning exercises, and other activities to fill an hour. The course is flexible and can be conducted in a variety of ways.

  • Many people cover one chapter per week for twenty 1-hour sessions.

  • Others cover two chapters per week in ten 2 ½ hour sessions.

  • Still others combine chapters and adapt activities to fit the number of sessions and time they have available.

However you choose to cover the material, the Leader’s Guide offers a wealth of activities and ideas for leading an engaging class in which participants learn practical skills, build Christ-centered relationships, and grow spiritually.

What happens in a session of this course?

Before each session, participants read one or two chapters of Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life. Then, for each chapter, the course instructor uses the Leader’s Guide to conduct a five-part lesson:

  • Opening Prayer

  • Lead-in

  • Discussion Questions

  • Experiential Learning Exercises

  • Closing

Who typically conducts this course?

The first time a congregation offers Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life, a pastor and a lay leader might conduct the course as a team. Later on, those who’ve been through the course may serve as solo or team leaders. Many congregations find that participants from a previous class jump at the opportunity to conduct the course when it’s offered again.

Do I need special training to conduct this course?

No—the Leader’s Guide provides everything a course instructor or team needs to successfully lead a very enjoyable, engaging learning experience. The materials are ready to use and employ a variety of activities to help people gain new skills and grow spiritually.

Who would benefit from this course?

Because Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life addresses how we live out our faith in the day-to-day interactions with those around us, everyone in the congregation will benefit from this course. Consequently, most congregations offer Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life in a variety of settings that maximize participation:

  • adult Christian education classes

  • adult Bible studies

  • high school Christian life classes

  • women’s groups

  • men’s groups

  • new member classes

In some congregations, Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life is also used by certain ministry teams to enhance their relational skills:

  • outreach and evangelism teams

  • inactive member ministry teams

  • mission teams

  • elders, deacons, and member care teams

  • prayer teams and prayer chains

  • church governing boards

  • youth ministry leaders

  • Sunday school teachers and Bible class instructors

  • staff and volunteers providing adult or child daycare

  • staff and volunteers at a food pantry or soup kitchen

As more and more people experience Christian Caregiving—a Way of Life, the overall level of care in the congregation grows.