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Antagonists in the Church: How to Identify and Deal with Destructive Conflict

The Study Guide turns the book Antagonists in the Church into a course so a leadership team can learn, discuss, and apply the principles together.

Course and Book Contents

Part One: Defining the Issue

  1. Is There an Antagonist in Your Midst?
  2. What Is Church Antagonism?
  3. Levels of Church Conflict
  4. Why Antagonism Happens in Congregations
  5. A Biblical Perspective
  6. A Question of Values

Part Two: A Guide for Identifying Antagonists

  1. Personality Characteristics of Antagonists
  2. Red Flags of Antagonism
  3. Warning Signs and How to Recognize Them

Part Three: Dealing with Antagonists

  1. Coping with Invisible Antagonists
  2. Handling Indispensable Antagonists
  3. Dealing with Antagonists in Group Situations
  4. Five Leadership Strategies
  5. How to Conduct Meetings with Antagonists
  6. Confidentiality and Documentation
  7. Public Communications Regarding Antagonism
  8. The Value of a Confessor-Confidant
  9. Personal and Family Variables
  10. Denominational Support Structures
  11. To Leave or Not to Leave
  12. The Aftermath

Part Four: Preventing Antagonism

  1. How to Maintain an Anti-antagonist Environment
  2. How to Relate to Dormant Antagonists
  3. Educating the Leaders of the Congregation
  4. The Last Temptations