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Volunteer Opportunities with Stephen Ministries

Video:  Two current Training Course Team Member couples share about what it’s like to serve at the Leader’s Training Course.

Stephen Ministries is inviting married couples to apply to be part of our Training Course Team.

If you and your spouse have been looking for a way to serve God together—and have fun doing so—this volunteer opportunity may be for you.

Who Are Training Course Team Members and What Do They Do?

Training Course Team Members (TCTMs) are volunteer couples who serve alongside Stephen Ministries St. Louis staff at Leader’s Training Courses (LTCs). They are motivated to serve by their love for God and their enthusiasm for helping congregations build up their Stephen Ministry. Each year, TCTMs typically travel to two or three LTC sites (in Orlando, Anaheim, St. Louis, Dallas, and Pittsburgh), for ten days at each LTC, to serve in a variety of behind-the-scenes support roles.

What’s It Like to Be a Training Course Team Member?

Here’s what some TCTMs had to say about serving:

“As my husband and I were finishing up our careers, we kept asking, ‘What next?’ The answer became clear as we found out about the opportunity to serve as TCTMs. We had always wanted to volunteer together and serve God in a meaningful way—and now we get to do so several times a year.”

Cindy Rogner | Frankenmuth, Michigan


“We thought we’d be serving as TCTMs for two years—and ended up serving for eleven! During that time, we became good friends with the Stephen Ministries staff, felt a sense of pride in what our teamwork accomplished during each LTC, and saw God’s love at work within each and every participant. It was a more enriching, rewarding experience than we could have ever imagined.”

Ellie VanDyke | Holland, Michigan


“The most rewarding part of being a TCTM has been seeing all the ways we help, from running a video camera to distributing handouts, that add up to helping the whole training course run smoothly. I proudly wear my TCTM name badge.”

Jim Rogner | Frankenmuth, Michigan

How Do We Become Training Course Team Members?

If you and your spouse would like to become TCTMs, here’s how you can apply:

  1. Download and read “Role and Responsibilities of Training Course Team Members.” This document will tell you more about what it means to be a volunteer Training Course Team Member for Stephen Ministries St. Louis.

  2. Download the Training Course Team Member application.

  3. You and your spouse will each need to fill out an application, including a cover letter, possibly a recent photo of the two of you, and any other pertinent information about your background, training, experience, or gifts.

    Mail these items to:

    Stephen Ministries
    Attention: Human Resources
    2045 Innerbelt Business Center Drive
    St. Louis, Missouri 63114-5765

  4. Our team will review your application materials, and respond as soon as we can. In many cases, we’ll follow up by setting up a time to interview you and your spouse together over the phone. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions about what it means to serve as a TCTM.

  5. If this ministry role seems like it might be a good fit, we will invite both of you to come to one LTC to train as TCTMs. You’ll learn from the Stephen Ministries St. Louis staff and previously trained volunteer couples, giving you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to volunteer at an LTC.

  6. Our staff will follow up to see how the process has been working out for you. If it seems that this role isn’t a fit, we can agree to stop the process, minimizing your time investment.

  7. Once you’ve been trained and it seems that serving as TCTMs will work out well for you and for us, we will officially invite you to join the team!

If you have any questions about serving as TCTMs or the application process, call Stephen Ministries St. Louis at (314) 428-2600.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work is involved?

Training Course Team Members serve in support roles, completing a variety of tasks throughout the LTC, such as operating the video camera and talking with participants in the training course office or onsite bookstore. The work does involve some long days. It also requires staying focused for extended periods of time, being on your feet for a good part of each day, and consistently representing Stephen Ministries St. Louis in a professional and friendly manner. There are two days of setup at the beginning of each LTC and one day of pack-up at the end, which may require a higher degree of physical exertion.

Do you have to be retired?

Most Training Course Team Member couples are either retired or semi-retired, but it’s not required for serving as TCTMs. If you’re currently working, it is necessary to have a flexible work schedule that will allow you to be away from home for ten nights at a time, two or three times a year.

How far will we need to travel?

LTCs are currently held in five locations across the country:

  • Orlando, Florida

  • Anaheim, California

  • Saint Louis, Missouri

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You may serve in any of these locations, as needed.

Do we pay our own travel expenses?

Stephen Ministries St. Louis will cover your travel expenses to and from the conference, as well as your meals and lodging during the week of the LTC. We will also make travel arrangements for you.

How many training courses do we serve at?

Most Training Course Team Member couples commit to serve at two or three LTCs each year. We work with each couple to determine what would work best for them and for us.

How many years would we serve as Training Course Team Members?

We ask Training Course Team Member couples to commit to serving for two years. Many find the work so rewarding that they decide to serve beyond that. One couple “retired” as Training Course Team Members after having served for eleven years.

Do we both have to be Stephen Leaders or Stephen Ministers?

At least one spouse needs to be either a Stephen Leader or Stephen Minister, but it’s not necessary for both to be. It is important that both of you be passionate about serving on the Training Course Team and supporting congregations’ Stephen Ministry.