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Speaking the Truth in Love: How to Be an Assertive Christian

Table of Contents

Introduction: Read This Book Assertively!

Part One: What Is Assertiveness?

  1. Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive
  2. The Assertive Lifestyle
  3. What Is Assertiveness For?

Part Two: Assertiveness Is Biblical

  1. Jesus Lived Assertively
  2. Using the Whole Counsel of God
  3. Assertive Prayer, Praise, and Admonition

Part Three: Techniques of Assertiveness

  1. Deciding If, When, and Where to Be Assertive
  2. What to Say When You Want to Be Assertive
  3. What to Do When You Want to Be Assertive

Part Four: Opportunities for Assertiveness

  1. How to Make Requests
  2. Granting, Refusing, or Negotiating Requests
  3. Offering and Receiving Criticism
  4. Expressing and Receiving Anger
  5. Offering and Receiving Compliments and Appreciation
  6. Expressing and Receiving Affection

Part Five: The Assertive, Loving Christian

  1. The Assertive Choice of Passive or Aggressive Behavior
  2. Prepare to Behave Assertively
  3. A Large Bag of Gold Coins


  1. Assertiveness Inventory
  2. Basic Human Rights