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What People Do at Stephen Ministries

The lobby mural at the Stephen Ministries Center displays our mission: Ephesians 4:12-13.

At Stephen Ministries St. Louis we equip and empower Christians throughout the world to do the work of ministry.

Our staff members have a wide range of responsibilities. They:

  • Write and edit—books, training manuals, videos, presentations, brochures, publicity mailings, and online communications

  • Research content for courses, books, and programs by conducting interviews, focus groups, and customer surveys

  • Design eye-catching graphics for print, Web, and video

  • Teach and present at regional workshops and national training courses

  • Provide ministry support to pastors and lay leaders—by phone, at conferences, and in person

  • Give customers prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, personal service

  • Support, manage, supervise, and train staff

  • Provide departmental or organizational leadership and direction

  • Develop printed, online, and video materials about our products

  • Support all facets of our ministry activities through accounting, information technology, purchasing, print production, shipping, and inventory

More Opportunities Than You’ve Ever Imagined

People at Stephen Ministries wear a number of hats—and enjoy the variety. We always balance challenge with support. You won’t be asked to do anything without appropriate training and personal encouragement. You’ll have multiple mentors, work as part of a team, and experience a cooperative, collaborative environment. It’s a place where bright, highly motivated, flexible people thrive.

If you like . . .

  • doing work that really matters;

  • being part of a team of nice, talented, motivated people;

  • expanding your knowledge and skills; and

  • establishing a long, meaningful career . . .

. . . you’ll love Stephen Ministries!

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